Elfin Cove Alaska A wilderness frontier and fishing paradise

Welcome to Elfin Cove

Tucked away in a small harbor on the north end of Chicagof Island in southeast Alaska, Elfin Cove is your home away from home for however long you plan to visit. Just outside the protected harbor, a true Alaskan experience unfolds. You’ll pass through Cross Sound and Icy Straight passing the rugged coastline of Chicagof Island which features miles of coastal beaches, deep fjords, tidewater glaciers and wind-swept shorelines. Each serves as a reminder that you are in a wild area where you are as likely to see an eagle soaring in the skies above or a whale surfacing, as you are to see another human being.

This flask-shaped harbor has no roads – just a one mile boardwalk, used by locals and visitors alike, which connects one side of our cove to the other. Located 85 air miles from Juneau, we are only accessible by float plane or boat. Once here, you will find a quiet little village consisting of a handful of buildings including a post office, liquor store, and a general store.

Fewer than 10 people call this quaint Alaskan outpost home year round but during summer when the salmon are running and the halibut are gorging themselves, our population swells to over 200.

People come to Elfin Cove for one reason – to enjoy the splendor of this area. Not only are the fish abundant but you’ll find the area to be like no other.

Nearby Glacier Bay National Park boasts snow-capped mountains rising over 15,000 feet and glacial fields that slope down into the icy blue waters.

The Fair Weather Mountains and Brady Glacier help to make this truly a special place and once you throw in our abundance of wildlife and out-of-this-world fishing and you’ll soon see for yourself why our guests return year after year.